HR Services

human resources for you

We know from listening to our clients that you want to increase performance in the office as much as in every other area of your business. New working practices and the growth of technology mean you need staff who are flexible in their approach and multi-skilled on office systems – but they still have to be the right people. They need to suit your organisation, have the right attitude, enthusiasm and initiative.

This is why the way we select and supply people is so important. We work closely with you to understand your business and your requirements as thoroughly as we understand the staff we supply. We want to be sure that the match is perfect for you both.

Why Us

DS Recruitment & HR Services has been established in the belief that businesses need access to the most qualified HR resources and advice to support their drive for higher business performance. Improved People practice is increasingly a requirement in order for companies to remain competitive in today’s business environment where attracting and retaining the best candidates is imperative.

DS Recruitment & HR Services was formed in 2003 to bring together the full spectrum of services (from recruitment and selection to employee development) to better meet the demands of our clients to drive improved performance through their people.

With our wealth of experience we are able to provide a tailored, hands-on service that delivers maximum return on your investment.

Benefits to your Business

DS Recruitment & HR Services can assure the following benefits to all its clients:

  • Controlled and cost-effective expenditure, there when you need it, not when you don’t.
  • Delivery of HR support activities by capable specialists thereby allowing management to focus on their core business strengths. Close partnering with management teams to understand business priorities and deliver business-focused HR solutions.